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Qualified leads and market information from export markets.

Lead generation for your company

Innovator Campus is a hands-on export partner that works actively to generate sales leads and valuable market information to companies in our network. Our professionals are in business meetings every single day gathering firsthand information from buyers like large corporations, big construction projects, municipalities, and governmental organizations. We’re also carefully collecting business information from Nordic markets using several technologies and solutions. We gather market information from personal meetings, news, and data aggregation services in order to offer condensed packages of relevant data to our network members.


Qualified leads from firsthand information

Opportunities from personal meetings

Innovator Campus sends qualified leads to export companies based on firsthand information received from personal meetings and export market activities.

Relevant data about your industry

Innovator Campus collects country-specific information of several industries and markets. Our customers frequently receive relevant market information that is pre-filtered for them and is quick to go through.

Relevant market information

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