Export Showrooms


It’s a great place to meet people and accelerate business in foreign markets.

Export Showroom is like an exhibition that is ongoing all year round. 

Innovator Campus operates physical export showrooms in international markets. The locations are designed for product demonstrations and business meetings. Local partners and industry experts are available to help your company to move faster towards qualified customers and first business deals.


Export Showroom Benefits

Local presence in the market

Credibility and trust

Official business address and an office where people can visit builds trust among buyers and makes your company more credible in export markets. Most companies need a place to do business, have meetings, and showcase products. Innovator Campus solves many issues for companies that are looking for smart cost-effective solutions to do business in export markets.

Local product demonstrations in the Export Showroom

Innovator Campus Showroom is like an exhibition that is ongoing all year round. In our locations you can have your physical products visibly displayed and available to be tested and reviewed by visitors. Software solutions also need good facilities for presentations. Most companies get remarkable benefits if they have a professionally set up environment where products are always available to be reviewed by potential customers. This way customers can just come to see the products flexibly on a time that is most suitable for them. This means more high-quality interactions with valuable contacts.


Showcase products and solutions all year round

Presentations in local language

Local business professional who knows your product

In the export showroom your product or solution is presented to visitors in their own native language. This is extremely important and makes things so much easier and faster to move ahead with buyers and resellers in the international markets. Many times if the first presentation is done in the local language it is acceptable to continue further talks in English. In Innovator Campus products are presented to visitors by a local professional with excellent communication skills who has been well-briefed about your product.

Quality meetings

Innovator Campus is the place where you can have your meetings. Our local team will generate qualified leads and arrange meetings with potential customers and business partners. The Showrooms are interesting business environments in central locations where it is easy to arrive and local business people like to visit.

Meet customers and partners

Industry events & matchmaking

Themed events and meeting services

Export Showrooms are event spaces. Innovator Campus organizes themed events quarterly with changing business topics. These events are an excellent opportunities to meet local business people from your industry. Around these industry events it’s natural to arrange meetings with specific prospects. Innovator Campus is an active matchmaker and we can also create tailored event concepts for you to meet specific target audiences in selected export markets.