Export Services


Professional Services, Showrooms, Cross Boarder Investments.

New customers from export markets

Innovator Campus is a business expansion network with a clear purpose. Our mission is to accelerate international business between Nordic countries and international companies.  We act as a hands-on export partner for Nordic companies and companies from around the world that want to expand their business into Nordic markets. Innovator Campus is in constant talks with large corporations, big construction projects, municipalities, and governmental organizations in order to connect suitable service providers with procurement opportunities and tender requests.

Innovator Campus currently operates in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. For these markets we can deliver high-quality export services for basically all industries and business sectors. We currently work in health tech, sports tech, enterprise software, utilities, retail, transportation, construction, offshore, oil & gas.

Export Services

Market research and opportunity discovery

Discover opportunities & prepare to succeed in export markets

Market surveys and local research is an important part of discovering opportunities and preparing your business expansion. Market research is usually the best way to start learning about international opportunities and for selecting most potential markets for your company. To succeed in foreign markets you typically need to localize websites and products to match the culture and language. Proper market research and analysis of your offering will prevent many problems when you enter in to new markets. Well-executed market research done by local professionals is the key to productive international expansion.

Strategy & Sales

Our export professionals and local experts help you to plan effective sales strategies for opening new markets. We understand how companies need to operate in different industries and our professionals have years of experience of bringing new products to markets. Our experts can work as your active partner in export markets and give hands-on help with your sales development. Let’s find the right local partners for your company and get your revenue going with first export customers.

Go-to-market strategy, partners search, and sales development

Qualified leads and arranged meetings

Meet the right people

When opening new markets it’s extremely important to spent your time effectively. We can arrange meetings for you with just the right contacts. Our local professionals who know the markets and have existing industry networks can introduce you to people that would otherwise be difficult to meet. Finding the right business match can have a huge effect on your success and make your business boom in the new market.

Investments & transactions

We work as connectors between local companies and foreign investors and acquirers. In some situations the right way to expand into new markets is to buy an existing company. We scout the markets to discover the right local partners for acquirers. We also help companies with raising capital as many of our customers are young growth companies that are expanding internationally. Being in the middle of international growth activities puts us in a unique position to be helpful to both sides of the table, to the investors, and for the growth companies.

M&A research & cross boarder investments

Company set-up & local business management

New company for export market

Our local professionals can help you get started in a new market. Many export companies need to set-up local subsidiaries and take care of various local legal issues. We are your full-service partner in export markets taking care of all things required. We can even take responsibility of managing your business for a certain time period to get sales and distribution going smoothly in the new market. Whatever the situation requires, we can probably help you to get your export business going the best way possible.

Showcase your business and have a local presence

We have a place where you can have your physical products displayed all year round and where you can meet potential customers and local partners. Innovator Campus locations are designed for meetings, product demonstrations, and small business events. It’s like an exhibition ongoing all year round and there’s always something happening in the showrooms. It’s a co-working space for your local sales representative and it’s a great place to accelerate your business in export markets.

Export Showroom


Events & Networking

Local networks and industry relationships

Innovator Campus organizes business events constantly with changing themes. The events are smart way to meet qualified leads from your industry and build your local and international networks. Your international buyers are much easier to meet in their own city in a targeted industry event. You can use our events and services to arrange several meetings in to few days. Our purpose is to create value by bringing people with matching business interest together in productive ways.